These are my trip reports...Incidents and accidents home and abroad...see the photoz page for pics.

 The trip reports to tropical locations are dive trips, and are originally written for  Nicknames and names of people referred to in these trip reports are typically related to scubaboard members.


  Cozumel, Mexico - Labor day week 2004


Cozumel, Mexico - May 2005


San Francisco, California & the wine country - November 2005

 Trip to see the Rolling Stones...for free! with a VERY special bonus!! Thankx Bobby & Holly for a great time!!!   


Cozumel, Mexico - May 2006

Cozumel, Mexico - April 2007

Cozumel, Mexico - April 2008

 Cozumel, Mexico - April 2009



                                       Cozumel, Mexico - April 2010

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